Sector Competitiveness Advisory Service

We work closely with organizations to identify their competitive strengths and weaknesses in order to provide constructive, pertinent and measured analysis exposing opportunities for development and diminution of cost.

  • Review and Comparative analysis of Products and Services
  • Best Price selection of Vendor Solutions
  • Identification of opportunity for Change
  • Identification of Operational and Technology trends within differing Investment Management firms
  • A readily available resource for a Comparative view across the sector

Vendor Inventory Selection and Management

First-hand experience dealing with many third party suppliers to Investment Eworks+ is extraordinarily strategically positioned to support you through the service and vendor evaluation process

  • Benchmarking of Solutions and Services
  • Assessing Solution and Service packages in current and target environments
  • Presentation and socialization of results internally and/or externally

Strategic Requirements Development

Whether your investiture is seeking a review to consolidate or a revival to provide it with new energy and save from total extinction or collapse, we come very handy here; having dealt with numerous business challenges in different aspects and economies we are able to pin point where the problems lie and immediately develop a desired solution.

  • Conceptualize or Revitalize and Defining Project Scope and Targets
  • Identification of Critical Success Factors, Drivers and Constraints
  • Detailed Component Definition and Associated Elements
  • Developing Essential Solutions
  • Detailed Specification of Strategic Requirements
  • Delivery of industry-standard Strategic Requirements associated documents

Change Implementation

We provide solution which addresses the range of challenges facing companies as they adapt to changing regulations, shifting political, economic and environmental concerns, technological developments as well as changes brought about by market restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, [performance improvements, increased environmental sensitive and stakeholders’ pressures to increase profitability.

The amount of changes organizations need to undertake is stringent on capabilities and borders on complexities surrounding planning designing, structuring and effectively executing transformational policies all in the face of minimizing risk and maximizing returns on investment.

  • Project Planning and alignment
  • Business and Technical current state, Gap and Change Analysis within Scope
  • Definition of Business Operational Change according to TOM and other goals and measures
  • Technical architecture, design and build in partnership with Technology Stakeholders
  • All layers of Quality Assurance and Test activity
  • Implementation and Transition to BAU
  • Project Governance and Reporting
  • Independent Status Evaluation

Outsourcing Consultancy

By Outsourcing organizations succeed in controlling cost, increasing scalability, managing risk and allowing a business to focus on their core competencies. However, it is not an easy relationship to get into.

Eworks+ can assist your organization in area vital to the success of any outsourcing relationship you are seeking. We carry out vendor or outsource partner evaluation, history, capabilities and strength in other to ensure you do not fall in a trap that will complicate your situation or lead to your decision turning disastrous.

  • Carryout Scope definition for the relationship
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Lift-out Strategy
  • Transfer or winding out terms
  • Outsourcing Relationship Management (ORM)